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Established in 1993, Perspectives is an English-Chinese bilingual newspaper that focuses on constructing a “better understanding of a multicultural society through the works of talented writers, artists and publishers”. As an integral part of the Chinese Canadian print landscape in Vancouver, INSTRCC has funded the digitization of Perspectives archives. Interested students and members of the community now have the opportunity to view Perspectives articles from its inception in 1993 up to 2003.
Asian-Canadian culture in Canada has been underrepresented for over a century in the sense that their history was widely unknown to themselves or to the Canadian general public, even though this so-called “visible minority group” has been in Canada for a long time. Regretfully, the many contributions of Asians to Canada have gone largely unnoticed because their voice has been muffled under the influence of the dominant European culture. Asians and Canadians who recognize Asian history in Canada as an important part of our legacy are facing the possibility that they may lose a vital part of Canada’s heritage.
This website seeks to collect Asian language materials on the 1907 Riots, in order to reflect the thoughts and feelings of the Chinese people and Japanese who had gone through the riots by creating an online database of Chinese language and Japanese language materials with English summary translation or interpretation so it will be accessible to the public and highlight the importance of Chinese language and Japanese language primary sources to the contribution of the Asian history in Canada as an important part of Canada’s heritage.