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Projects in Process
video quality test - Mr. Normie Kwong

Date filmed: December 12, 2009
Interviewed by
Professor Henry Yu
Filmed by Jennifer Yip
A short film clip testing the audio and visual quality of one of the many projects INSTRCC students are currently working on. This film clip is part of a larger project to honour and record Mr. Normie Kwong's stories and legacy.
In addition to this important footage, W. Wang is currently in the process of putting together Mr. Kwong’s papers, which includes organizing, digitizing and archiving his material for the future use of community members, students and scholars.
Mr. Kwong is an important member of the Chinese Canadian community who was the first Chinese Canadian to play on a professional Canadian football team. He won his first Grey Cup when he was only 18 in 1948. Currently, Mr. Kwong is the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.
Andréanne Doyon is currently as working lead researcher for a feasibility study on the creation of a historical conservation property trust in Vancouver's Chinatown. This project is a collaborative project between the City of Vancouver and INSTRCC. In early 2009, a group of concerned citizens approached the City planning staff with the idea of creating a property trust focused on historical conservation in Chinatown.  After some preliminary discussion with a number of community members and academic partners, the City decided to commission a feasibility study to look into best practices and models of different property and development trusts as well as to survey experts in the field of Vancouver’s Chinatown, property trusts and historic conversation, in order to better understand how such a tool can further implement the Chinatown Vision.  This first phase of the feasibility study will be completed in March 2010.
Through a series of personal interviews and archival research, Kristina Chang’s current INSTRCC project investigates and considers the history and future developments of the United Chinese Community Enrichment Services Society (S.U.C.C.E.S.S.), a multi-service agency established in 1973 that currently serves locations throughout the Lower Mainland. The organization promotes the well-being of new immigrants and empowers them to contribute positively to their community through its many social, employment, business, education, and health programs.
To share the knowledge that she has attained with the larger community, Kristina is in the process of taking her research and creating a documentary film that investigates how new immigrants in Vancouver integrate themselves and their families into Canadian society and culture, and especially how various governmental and non-profit initiatives and structures help and themselves evolve in this process.
INSTRCC and the City of Vancouver
INSTRCC and Mr. Normie Kwong
In the midst of being polished, here is a candid and thought-provoking examination of recent migration to Richmond and its impact on the city's residents and culture. This documentary was created for Professor Yu’s Winter 2010 UBC History 485 class by Jessica Huang, Aaron Kim, Robert Li, Wendy Phung, Sharon Tang, Inez Tao and Lee Xu.
Who is Richmond?
HIST 485: Asian Migrant Communities in Vancouver