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Cultural Identity in the Shaping of Urban Landscapes and Economies: Urban Ethnic Spaces in Vancouver and Singapore
(Summer 2009)
The summer of 2009, 20 students from UBC and 20 students from the National University of Singapore visited both Vancouver and Singapore in an exchange to experience and learn about each city’s Chinatown and each Chinatown’s respective histories. The students also visited Seattle and Malacca’s Chinatowns to broaden their perspectives. Read the introduction to the forthcoming NUS-UBC publication for a lively recollection and reflection of the exchange experience and the meaning of Chinatown, here: “Introduction” by William Tao and Jennifer Yip. Watch one of the projects produced as a result of this international exchange: A Tale of Two Chinatowns

Eating Our Way from Vancouver to Hong Kong to Singapore(Summer 2007)
In May of 2007, Prof. Henry Yu and Prof. Graham Johnson, along with INSTRCC co-founder Jennifer Lau, took a group of 20 UBC and National University of Singapore students to Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Singapore, Malacca, and Kuala Lumpur to explore how Chinese migrants have built each of these Southeast Asian cities. Growing out of the popular Vancouver-LA exchange of summer 2005, this trip again focused on experiential learning through individual and group exploration, with students walking the streets rather than in the classroom. Of course, no visit would be worthwhile without extensive sampling of the fusion of cuisines that have resulted from the diverse mix of migrants who have built these cities.

Eating Our Way from Vancouver to LA
(Summer 2005)
In the summer of 2005, a group of students from UBC went on a unique six week exchange with students from UCLA. For three weeks, students from Los Angeles came to Vancouver and explored with UBC students how Asian migrations have changed the city. In the following three weeks, the students then went down to Los Angeles to compare how LA had been similarly transformed. Organized as a field study course that involved extensive exploration of both cities on foot, Prof. Henry Yu, co-teacher Jennifer Lau, and the students also made sure to experience first hand how restaurants reflected the various Asian migration waves and how they had changed the cities, “eating our way from Vancouver to LA!”