INSTRCC INitiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian studies
at The University of British Columbia
Welcome to INSTRCC at UBC (INitiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian studies)!
We invite you to become a part of this exciting initiative where, through the use of oral histories and the latest technologies, students lead their own groundbreaking community based projects in Asian Canadian and Pacific migration history.
June 17, 2011
*INSTRCC is no longer using as an email address. Please email us at
August 3, 2010
* INSTRCC is participating in an upcoming Community Historical Recognition Progrm (CHRP) conference entitled Chinese Canadian Stories: Uncommon Histories from a Common Past at UBC. Look for us there!
* The first book of a new series, Gold Mountain Stories, published by INSTRCC and the Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia (CCHSBC) is soon coming out. More info soon.
March 29, 2010
* INSTRCC is very involved with the UBC community. Come out to check out Asia Voila! at UBC (put on by UBC Asian Studies and other associated groups) on April 10th! There will be performances, cultural activities, music and more.
* Two more Projects in Process (one concerning INSTRCC and the City of Vancouver and the other concerning S.U.C.C.E.S.S.) have been added
* A class project entitled “Who is Richmond?” from History 485: Asian Migrant Communities in Vancouver has been added to the Projects in Process page.
March 20, 2010:

* You can now watch
Vancouver’s Chinatown: Past, Present, and Future in is entirety on Vimeo!

* See what INSTRCC students are currently hard at work on on the new
 Projects in Process page.

* INSTRCC sponsors many student initiatives, and for example, we helped to fund the digitization of the
Perspectives digital newspaper archive.

* Professor Henry Yu’s latest speech about INSTRCC was for the
Open Access and Undergraduate Research Lecture at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre on February 2, 2010